Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm all about it...

Things you should know about me:

• Toy Soldiers
• Jack o' Lanterns
• Lightning storms
• Little hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern restaurants
• Books about pirates
• Classic horror films (mostly the black and white kind, Hammer films, et. al.)
• Snow!
• Air Hockey
• Making a big pot of chili on cold Sundays before the football games start
• Fishing
• Red Wine (merlot or cabernet, some kinds of zin)

• SUV's
• 'Yard Geese' dressed in rain gear
• Reality shows
• Baseball
• Cell phones
• Asking to sit in 'non-smoking' and having them seat you right next to smoking. Wtf?!
• The spoken sound of the Hindu language
• People who keep dangerous reptiles as pets
• Revolving doors (I have a phobia of these and refuse to go through them)
• Starbucks (great atmosphere, great business strategy, shitty coffee)
• Indecision
• Coupons
• 'Ask Me' buttons
• and much more...


Colin Morris said...

Teets to yard geese! Ridiculous.

strength9tyrant said...

You hate baseball and Starbucks? That doesn't seem very American. For all the baseball fans out there, the Braves beat the Dodgers 11-10 in their season opener.


Deceiver said...

don't forget, we're meeting this saturday to test our lists.

H said...

Please tell us where you find such capturing, astound artwork! Astound is a word, right? I'm sure the artist gets all his inspiration from his multi-talented mother.