Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life comes at you fast...

Today, while on the way to lunch, the car in front of me had to brake hard for someone's creative driving in front of him. I slammed on my brakes and stopped just short of the car. And then the SUV behind me hit. We were slammed into from the rear-end and it pushed my car into the rear of the car in front of me.
Damage to my VW:
The back tailgate is smashed in and won't open. Driver's side door is bent. Back bumper crumpled in and tail lights are totally smashed.
Damage to myself and passengers:
Me- sore neck and headache, but otherwise ok. (1 point of damage).
Amy, front passenger seat- VERY stiff neck and headache, bruising from the seatbelt. (3 points of damage).
Dave, back seat- his glasses flew off and his head hurts, but these may have been pre-existing conditions. (1 point of damage).

The irony: the guy in the SUV who hit me WORKS as a rep for Nationwide insurance.

The aftermath: we waited forever for the police to show up. They never did! 4 police cars drove by, but I guess it wasn't THEIR FUCKING TURN to deal with an accident. Way to go, Memphis PD. We were 2 fucking blocks from the downtown precinct. You'd think they would WANT to show up for an accident since that's EASIER to deal with than domestic violence or murder, and they're all about taking the easy road. Thank you, Memphis PD for wearing that "To Protect and Serve" logo on the side of your cruisers. Try doing it sometime.


kalisah said...

that sucks. I too was hit from behind recently, while sitting in traffic on walnut grove. It was the third time I've been rear-ended in this car. Creative driving, indeed.

H, your darling sister said...

Now see! You've done it again!! I know you weren't born in the hills of TN, but yet you use the same "f" word like the slum-natives that surround you! For shame Bobby Stickel, for shame. Car wrecks & bad PD are no excuse!!

S. Earnhart said...

I'm glad everyone is relatively unhurt. Sending good car karma your way.

The MPD never come on time...not a shocker, but definitely a problem. Someone told me once that in extreme emergency, I would be better off calling the MFD. They arrive much quicker.

H said...

adam said the pd that passed you by may not have been on traffic detail. So it would've been the traffic guys that didn't show up that are to blame, not the passer-by guys. Maybe the traffic guys were backed up with accidents.....?