Tuesday, January 31, 2006


"... The war ate my boy, damn them all ... and the Yanks ate Carfax with flames and burnt Grandsire Delapore and the secret ... No, no, I tell you, I am not that daemon swineherd in the twilit grotto! It was not Edward Norrys' fat face on that flabby fungous thing! Who says I am a de la Poer? He lived, but my boy died! ... Shall a Norrys hold the land of a de la Poer? ... It's voodoo, I tell you ... that spotted snake ... Curse you, Thornton, I'll teach you to faint at what my family do! ... 'Sblood, thou stinkard, I'll learn ye how to gust ... wolde ye swynke me thilke wys?... Magna Mater! Magna Mater!... Atys... Dia ad aghaidh's ad aodaun... agus bas dunarch ort! Dhonas 's dholas ort, agus leat-sa!... Ungl unl... rrlh ... chchch..."

--from "The Rats in the Walls," H.P. Lovecraft

I found this to be appropriate today.

Bird feeder...

So I'm planning on setting up a bird feeder as soon as we move into our new place. My goal is to take pictures of the various birds that come to feed and then post them here. But these will not be ordinary bird photos. After setting up the feeder, I will install something I like to call the "Disc of Madness." That should make for some interesting photos. Watch this space for more.

History is on the move...

Yes, we're moving! No more Mexican gang members, no more apartment fires, no more ex-wives throwing golf balls through windows, etc.

My first priority is to put a bird feeder on my new deck. That way, I can have a bird (since 'management' won't allow me to keep a bird as a pet).

Monday, January 23, 2006

Now it's personal...

(Special thanks to Kalisah, from whom I borrowed this)

Here is a little bit about me...

Four Albums you can’t live without:
Disintegration (the cure)
Twice upon a time (siouxsie & the banshees)
Turn on the bright lights (Interpol)
Ocean Rain (Echo & the Bunnymen)

Four Magazines you read:
HOW (a graphic design magazine)
Gothic Beauty (i'm so miserable, and it's the happiest i've ever been!)
Military History Quarterly

Four Cars you have owned:
Ford Escort
Chevy Caprice (the kind that most police forces bought, then returned due to dangerous rollovers)
Mercury Mystique (the 'mistake')
VW golf (i love my car, but man does it have some electrical glitches)

Four Jobs you have held:
server at TGI Fridays
Steadicam assistant
cleaner of surgical implants
graphic designer

Four Movies you would watch over and over:
Shadow of the Vampire
Star Wars
Office Space (more for theraputic reasons)
Nightmare before Christmas

Four Places you have lived:
Cleveland, OH
Daytona Beach, FL
Memphis, TN
that's it

Four TV Shows you stay home to watch:
i really can't think of any that i go out of my way to watch.

Four Places you have vacationed:
Outer Banks, NC
Las Vegas, NV
Guadalajara, Mexico
Pittsburgh, PA

Four Websites you visit daily:
www.games-workshop.co.uk (mostly for work)
www.velvettangoroom.com (oh how i long for it)

Four Foods you love:
dinner at Bosco's
Chili (any kind)
Fettuccini Alfredo

Four Places you would rather be:
at the movies
at the coffee shop
at the massage therapist
at the other coffee shop

Friday, January 13, 2006

News of the week...

• Fun Julie has really done it now-- she got married!!!! Jules and new husband "P" are doing fine and we hope to hear more details from them soon.

• My sister "H" has asked Official Rumors to tone down the foul language a bit... to no avail!!

• In the south, the pomegranate is known as the Chinese apple. Huh...

• Yoga class again this tuesday, we can't wait.

• New Starbucks (aka 'Charbucks') opened in Memphis. I've come to find out through very reliable and VERY anonymous sources, that each Starbucks in Memphis forms a different part of a giant robot. When the last Starbucks is built, they will all connect together and begin an unstoppable rampage. no shit!

• "Daisy Does America" has become my favorite new show. Give 'er a try.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This week's contest is simple: Tell us about your worst date ever. (details, people!)

The Rules:
• You must leave your story as a comment on Official Rumors (this blog)
• The comment CANNOT be 'anonymous'
• You must leave some kind of contact info. email is preferable, and if you log in as a user other than anonymous, it should prompt you for an email.

The grand prize winner will be announced on this site! In addition to the inevitable fame and fortune that will follow, Official Rumors will contact the winner via email and will send you a RANDOM PRIZE from my desk!

Good Luck!

I've got something to put in you...


HERE is a cute little animation for you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What's playing on my iPod right now...

Lush "Light from a dead star"
Curve "Doppleganger"
Voltiare "Hello Cruel World"
Sergei Kvitko "Bolero of the Bats" (from Dracula)
The Cure "A Japanese Dream"
Siouxsie & the Banshees "Hong Kong Garden"

so good....

Twist and Turn...

I'm taking a yoga class tonight with 'a.' As I write these words I still can't believe I've said yes to this. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I'm probably not very strong.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The buckle on the bible belt...

I just finished watching the worst show on television: ER
you know, that horrid hospital melodrama-o-rama. Anyways, tonight's special was abortion. So if god is against abortion, and wants to strike down anyone who chooses that route, that means that god supports the death penalty. You can see where I'm going with this... Is god a republican? Because I don't want to live in a world ruled by a republican god. But I don't want to die either, because the afterlife would be so expensive.

Adventures in telesales...