Monday, April 24, 2006


Wow, I totally missed Easter. Sorry 'bout that. A rapid-fire update:

• With that big Warhammer Invitational Tourney fast approaching, I find myself painting miniatures at breakneck speed.
• I saw my first Luna Moth, which is like a neon-green version of Mothra the size of my hand! Thanks to the fine folks over at Auf Achse for getting a photo of the monster (which I hope to post soon).
• The 1-year birthday of this great blog is also approaching, so we're planning a huge festival. Roast duck, a maypole, and plenty of washed linens should make for a great birthday celebration.
• With the trees in full-bloom, our magic tree-porch is now home to several finch families and a cardinal.
• I found my next pet: and so I need $15. Please send it to me and I will make this fine pacman frog the official pet of Official Rumors!
• Going to see a concert on Saturday with 'D.' Pink Martini will be playing Memphis!!! If you're not familiar with this band, but find yourself saying "I totally want to hear some cuban-infused jazz" then you should research them and buy your ticket today.

More soon, I promise!

Also, a long overdue shout-out to the readers in Las Vegas! Their support of this blog has been solid, and I may never be able to repay the debt of gratitude to which I owe. I've set my iPod to play "Heaven or Las Vegas" by Cocteau Twins just for them today...


Anonymous said...

the Las Vegs sector says "Danke Sehr" for the recongnition. And we are ever growing.
Hey do you remember one of Nick (from crackerbarrell) 's Favorite jokes? I told it again last night...
Well here it is all of you "official rumors" fans:
Why are there so many trees in Paris?

~Because Ze Germans like to MARTCH IN SHADE!!!


Aufwiedersehen mein schatz!


Anonymous said...

p.s. check out how sweet my dog is!! and Keith's website

peace out. ~s

H, bug hunter said...

Hey next time you see a luna moth, try to catch it & send it to me! I've been trying to buy one of those online for over a year! It would look great framed in my bedroom