Friday, April 07, 2006

Love Song...

Here's an odd premise I came up with. The following is a list of friends of mine, the bands/music they introduced me to, followed by their Chinese Zodiac sign. Makes for interesting cross-references, debates, philosophical diatribe or vertical lookups (for you Excel users).

Jenn -- Tori Amos -- Horse
Gina -- Lush -- Rabbit
Christine -- Wire -- Dog
Sarah -- The Rapture -- Rooster
Anna -- Interpol -- Rabbit
Mike -- Franz Ferdinand -- Dragon
Sheri -- Opera -- Bat
Kalisa -- Tears for Fears (again) -- Horse
Nicole -- The Smiths -- Rabbit
Stas -- King Crimson -- Rabbit
Millhouse -- They Might Be Giants -- Rabbit
Markian -- Sisters of Mercy -- Rabbit
Julinka -- Voltaire -- Rabbit
William Mann -- The Cure (didn't introduce me to them but was responsible for a lot of my education about them) -- Goat


Deceiver said...

we're meeting at the bunker tomorrow (saturday) at 11am sharp! bring your tourney list.

candice said...

Hey, did you know that Paul Anka did a "swing" cover of "Lovecats"? No joke.

strength9tyrant said...

I'll be up there around then.