Wednesday, February 08, 2006


"We must learn from our mistakes, so that we can repeat them precisely."

• Yoga really kicked my ass yesterday. As it turns out, it may actually be helping my shoulder (which 'd' believes to be a rotator cuff issue).

• There was a bright red cardinal sitting on my car this morning, which is odd because I haven't known birds to land on anything other than branches. What made him want to land on a silver VW and chirp at me at the exact moment I needed to leave is a mystery.

• Still converting my new Tzeentch horde. Next on the table: marauder horsemen.

• I have to go to Dallas for 4 days, which is bad-timing but should be nice and boring.

• Finally got to see 'c' who was a bit tipsy but otherwise in good spirits. She had fallen off my radar for a while. It's good to have her back on.

• My sister's birthday is fast-approaching, and I found the PERFECT card for my little princess. Not sure what to get her, though.

• 1 week until the new apartment!


strength9tyrant said...

You should take your own advice and leave your army alone. It was good. I only had a chariot, herd, nurglings, lord, and a fat unit of nurgle minotaurs. You run a heavy magic list which is fine (make sure you don't rely on it though). The horsemen aren't a bad idea though. They'll give you fast, hard hitting power which you were lacking in. Just make sure you don't make the change because of 1 battle. I almost got rid of my Nurglings at one point (look what they did for me). They ran down the Dark Emissary and his unit did't they. How many points was that?

(and the smack talk resumes)

Deceiver said...

i've made some minor changes: marauder horsemen and a beast herd (dropping the chariot). and a nasty little surprise.

H, birthday grrl said...

Anything shiny.

strength9tyrant said...

A nasty surprise. Guess what. That just promoted you from Tool to Uber Tool, Master of the Tool Universive. Congrats!