Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The sky's gone out...

So I've noticed:

• I had a dream last night that I went fishing with my grandfather. I've got to stop watching "Six Feet Under" before bed. And I need to learn how to gut and clean fish, because it was rather embarrassing that I didn't know how to do that in my dream.

• We're coming up on the anniversary of when April died. I remember going through that whole "why do bad things happen to good people/what is god's deal" phase. Again, time to lay off the "Six Feet Under."

• Started watching "Carnivale." If I could make an HBO series, it would be like that. Only better.

• Remember this guy?

His Name is Markian, and if anyone has seen him, please let me know. He slipped out the door a few months ago, and despite putting some porn and diet dr. pepper on my doorstep, he hasn't come back. Please call with any information. Reward standing by.

• Happy Birthday, "A"

• With regards to our previous post "Bird Feeder" please replace the words "Disc of Madness" with "Glorious Flames of Alteration."

• The building I work in is cursed. I can't go into any details, but I swear it must be. It does things to people. Or maybe it's just the company in general. There were 2 reports of people "losing their fucking minds" this week. Really.

• Official Rumors is looking at redesigning the look and feel of this blog, and maybe even making downloadable podcasts on iTunes. Or would you rather have a T-shirt?

That's all for this post.

"Now it's dark..."


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you know "six feet under", It is like crack for us.... no weird dreams yet, just delusions that i actually know those people and am somehow involved in their lives.
Markian is missing? I will keep an eye out in vegas.

i would like a t-shirt please. but would like even more for a phone call from the blog master himself.

the aforementioned Markian said...

I'm missing? Crap. Who is that a picture of, really? I thought it was me for a second, and I liked the way I looked in it, which was the big tip off that it wasn't really me. I have to get my copy of the first season of Carnivale back from D-rock. I liked the show. I heard they cancelled it.