Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hungry are the Damned...

My week so far:

• I burned 3 fingers on my right hand in a 'lamp incident' at home on sunday. This makes working on a computer all day kind of difficult.

• It's very cold in Memphis, which is bad because it's also very sunny.

• J rear-ended a pickup truck yesterday. She's a bit bruised and sore, but otherwise okay. Her car on the other hand, is obliterated. We're waiting to hear how bad the damage really is.

• We missed yoga last night due to J's work schedule but will be going tonite. This could prove to be the turning point in the week. Hopefully things will go better for the rest of it.

"Noth there was, that dare the woode..."


H said...

Hope she's alright in the neck & back department. Hopefully, you won't have to sell Beazer to have the car fixed.

S. Earnhart said...

You both have to take it easy this week. Burns and car wrecks aside.