Friday, January 13, 2006

News of the week...

• Fun Julie has really done it now-- she got married!!!! Jules and new husband "P" are doing fine and we hope to hear more details from them soon.

• My sister "H" has asked Official Rumors to tone down the foul language a bit... to no avail!!

• In the south, the pomegranate is known as the Chinese apple. Huh...

• Yoga class again this tuesday, we can't wait.

• New Starbucks (aka 'Charbucks') opened in Memphis. I've come to find out through very reliable and VERY anonymous sources, that each Starbucks in Memphis forms a different part of a giant robot. When the last Starbucks is built, they will all connect together and begin an unstoppable rampage. no shit!

• "Daisy Does America" has become my favorite new show. Give 'er a try.

1 comment:

Scully said...

I TOLD you that show was good!