Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This week's contest is simple: Tell us about your worst date ever. (details, people!)

The Rules:
• You must leave your story as a comment on Official Rumors (this blog)
• The comment CANNOT be 'anonymous'
• You must leave some kind of contact info. email is preferable, and if you log in as a user other than anonymous, it should prompt you for an email.

The grand prize winner will be announced on this site! In addition to the inevitable fame and fortune that will follow, Official Rumors will contact the winner via email and will send you a RANDOM PRIZE from my desk!

Good Luck!


H said...

*In a John Rys Davies voice*
Bad dates.....

Deceiver said...

we have a winner!!

H, goddess of homemakers said...

Yoo hoo! I hope this prize is better than the pet rock/paperweight you made for Dad for Father's day.