Friday, April 11, 2008

Gift sausage from the mall...

I hope to spend most of my weekend outdoors. I really need to start taking advantage of my local environment and hitting the parks and hiking trails. However, I know for a fact that I will look a little out of place with the other 'outdoorsy-types.' They all have special equipment, like official hiking boots, camelback water supplies, hiking pants, those fancy walking sticks, light-weather "North Face" jackets, etc. Whether they hike, bike, run, climb, etc. they are prepared and will do so in style.

Here's my equipment load-out for this weekend:
• Jeans (the one with the hole in the thigh)
• Shoes (I did buy new hiking shoes...)
• Hockey Stick (just like those fancy custom aluminum walking sticks, only you can hack and slash stuff with this)
• Gatorade
• Some type of candy
• Swiss army sniper jacket (looks very ugly, but the coolest, most versatile jacket ever. No L.L. Bean or North Face jacket will ever come close. EVER!)
• HK USP .40 (for bears, mountain lions, wolves, mexicans -- whatever poses a threat)
• Extra ammo (just in case)
• Binoculars (to watch birds, people)
• Trenching tool (one of those small, military shovels. Used more as a weapon)
• Nintendo DS (in case I get lost or bored)
• Flashlight (looks cool, seems logical)
• Gift sausage from the mall (how can I go wrong?)

That should do it. A compass and a radio won't do me any good, and I don't want to over-pack.


Stacy said...

You and your candy. That's Bobby. You always have to have candy! :)I do like the hockey stick walking stick idea. It serves as a tool and weapon. AWESOME! I things with multiple uses.
P.S. You were reading candy....

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you lay off the candy and processed meat products your "problem" will go away!

Bobby said...

Hi "anonymous", glad you like my blog. Who read it to you?

k- said...

Hey dude. Long time no chat. Here's a link to the coolest store I've ever seen. It has to bee seen to be believed, but the site will whet your appetite.

Courtney said... brother eats those things!