Monday, April 07, 2008

Ask Baphomet...

By Official Rumors freelance columnist Baphomet

Dear Baphomet, is supposed to be one of the major job sites around, but I never have any luck with them. What's the deal?

Dear Jill,
As people often confuse me with being mentioned in the ancient scripts of the Templars, or even as a mininterpretation of the name Mahomet (Muhammad), they also do when it comes to I cannot figure out for the life of me what they do to help the common man (woman, as is the case here) with finding a job. First of all, as a rule, I never use them. They are heavily advertising-driven, which means they use "web-statistics" as viable data to earn ad dollars. What this means is, the goal of is NOT to find you a job, but to sell ads/services and get paid! They want to get as many users as possible to register and search for jobs, so that they can demand a higher ad price.
This has led them to employ some shady and unethical practices. For example, they post a lot of "jobs" that aren't legit. They're fake. But that increases the value of their service to YOU, which in turn, increases your activity on their site. Which ultimately makes their advertisers happy.
As a service to their "paying clients" (companies that post jobs) they will also send them your info. And trust me, when I registered, I unchecked every box I could find about circulating my info and I STILL get spam from companies that got my info from! Plus, half of the jobs I applied for are listed as "company confidential." What the hell?! How does that help anyone?
Anyhoo, I would recommend using a different website entirely if you are looking for a job. The local newspaper is still a decent source, even in this age of internet-technology. Hope this helps!

It is by my very will that you draw breath,


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

that's so true. i HATE and they keep sending me crap. they send me job listings they i didn't even apply for but for memphis, they might just send me what ever they can find :)