Friday, February 22, 2008

I went to the "Lib"...

So we went to the Library the other day. I hadn't set foot in one in over 15 years. Why on earth would I? I don't have any papers to write, I have the internet at home now, and any books that are any good already have TV shows made for them (or soon will).

Apparently, Libraries have to keep up with the times, or be swallowed by them. For instance, they decided to put their entire card catalog onto computers. Which is great, except that it doesn't change the fact that they still didn't have any of the books I wanted. True, computers are supposed to better manage their inventory, track what books are where, etc. but fat chance. Here are the searches I did, and their results:

Search: The King in Yellow
Result: MISSING (wtf?!)

Search: Great Exploration Hoaxes
Result: Check Shelf (I checked the shelf already. That's what you do when you want to find a book. IT WASN'T THERE!)

Search: Dracula, unabridged, Bram Stoker
Result: Dracula 2000 (VHS) due back 2/28/08

Search: Vegetables
Result: Did you mean "Veggie-Tales"?

Come on, you cankers. Don't make Mamma beg.


Candice said...

What kind of library decides to ignore the fact that "Dracula" is classic literature and not have a BOOK of it? That's messed up.

Did you really get that result when you put in "vegetables"? hahaha See what happens when you move out of Ohio farm country?

Courtney said...

haha You should try the University of Memphis library. When I ask, Where is this book? I looked on the shelf and it wasn't there." They say, "I don't know maybe it's lost." This would happen for about half of the books I'd go looking for that the computer said was on the shelf! I gave up and just bought a bunch of stuff online.

linek said...

One must also remember that the library is a state run institution. Local government is in as sad a state as national. When our countries priorities are blowing up people and ignoring health-care, why should the library be any less neglected.

AND, don't forget that libraries need levies to be passed in order to operate. People just don't care. You said it yourself - "I haven't been in a library in 15 years." Sad, sad, sad.

Yep, you just hit one of linek's hot buttons.

Stacy said...

It's fun to play hide-and-seek in a library. The main library here in memphis has 3 floors. Had I know you hadn't been, I would have taken you and we could have played.
And really, you know begging can be fun. Live a little man.....

Stacy said...

Oh and I like the new header. Did you make it?

Bobby said...

Yes I did, thanks.
Linek: why are you so defensive of the Library system? You don't defend dog crap when you see it on the sidewalk do you? Libraries are dog crap, without the fines from the city.

Courtney: If all those books you were looking for were missing, check with Jenn. She has tons of books from that Lib that she never returned.

Who wants a poll on the Libraries?

Stacy said...

Poll the Libraries

inek said...

I apologize and rescind most of my previous comment. It's just that Cleveland / Akron has a really good library system and I never have any problem finding anything. I guess maybe you just weren't looking up the right things. Let's see...Seattle - did you try "angst", "Starbucks", "rain", or "shitty music"? Naw, on second thought all of those would come back with the same book - something about Kurt Cobain.
And Bob, for Christ's sake - call me some time (330) 622-7197. Hell ANYONE on here can call me - Martha and I are lonely.

Bobby said...

The phone works both ways, man :) but I'll give you a call this week anyways!

The aforementioned Markian said...

Why did you even have to go to the library? You can access computerized card catalogs online, and you don't have to waste your time actually going to the library to find out they don't have anything you want.

Bobby said...

But then, who would I complain to?