Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thanks for all the fishmen...

Vacation time is over. Parents were visited, food was consumed, and dogs petted. And stuff was brought back. Stuff I now have to drill into walls.
Aside from that, being home is good. I went back to yoga, ate some barbeque, drank my favorite coffee.
In recent news:
• S and K are engaged!
• Happy birthday Markian!
• Big Warhammer tournament this weekend!

So has anyone ever had an issue where they talk in their sleep, and wake up just in time to catch themselves? I had this dream where I was talking to a woman from England, but I was having trouble with her accent. I heard myself explain this to her while I woke up. So in reality, I was explaining to the sock monkey in my bed why I couldn't understand him.

Syntax is everything.


H said...

Once Adam shouted at me in his sleep, "Halle! You've got to get them before they turn brown!"
I was startled & confused. He hates that I tell everyone that story.

Bobby said...

well, trust me, you DON'T want them turning brown. bad stuff happens when they turn brown...

I'm sure you know who said...

Tessie... you're so funny!