Tuesday, June 26, 2007

40 hours...

For most people, 40 hours is a full week's worth of work. For me, it was 4 days in a van driving to and from Philadelphia. That's one long-ass van ride. And with all the people and all the luggage, that's a cramped van ride as well. The occasion was, once again, work. Wizard World is a big comic/media show, and as with all shows, people like to dress in costume. Now most of the costumes were amazing: characters that looked like they walked off the set of Star Wars and whatnot. Some dudes dressed as transformers, ninjas, Jedi, belly dancers, G.I. Joe characters... the list went on. Then there was old gay Spiderman. This guy had a skin-tight, form-fitting Spiderman costume that looked like it was (at one time) movie quality. But there were loose threads hanging everywhere, and this costume may have been form-fitting when he was 10 years younger and 100 pounds lighter. Nowadays, it was REALLY form-fitting!
You can thank me later for not posting a photo.


Candice, qui a acheté 14 Willi Wallers said...

Oh, come on! You can't taunt us by making a post like that and then not include a photo. You're a tease. :-P

Your post did remind me of something, though. Do you remember that day that you, Halle, Adam and I went to Cedar Point? After passing Tube Top Lady for the umpteenth time in the snakeline for the Raptor, you turned to us and said simply, "Hey! Remember that lady from Jabba's Palace?"

H said...

OH! I remember her! She was wearing brown too I think. Very authentic! Yeah, it was a hot sweaty day too, that really added to her "costume."