Saturday, April 28, 2007

White guy, black shirt...

Back from Vegas! Strangely enough, the highlight of the trip was not anything at the show, but the places S and K took me. The Artisan is the most gorgeous hotel with the swankiest bar I've seen. And the hookah lounge has our favorite blend back! I did pick up some cool souveniers, like more black t-shirts for my collection, and some German tanks for my Wehrmacht infantry platoon. I also did a podcast interview that will be broadcast somewhere on the net. I am, however, sick of the sights and sounds of a Vegas casino. It's just non-stop sensory overload, with all the noises, flashing lights, and stale cigarette smoke. Not to mention people who think they're having a good time because they're drunk. All of my best Vegas experiences have happened off the strip.
On another note, our yoga instructor's husband is head chef at a place called "Interim." Definitely in the top 3 favorite places to eat in Memphis. This should be a good weekend, finally being home to enjoy what home is to me.


S said...

It was great to get to see you this month and last!!! And i am glad that you like our favorite places too, they are what makes living out here more tolerable, getting as far away as possible from that "sensory overload" that you were speaking of.
We can't wait to see you guys soon, even though we don't know exactly when.
Mit viele liebe,
S und K

p.s. I thought the highlight of your trip was the "star trek experience"... No?

Bobby said...

A note about the Star Trek bar: Gay.