Saturday, April 21, 2007

Update to the thread below...

• I put a lot of pictures on my blog
• My job has trained me to drink a lot
• I've been to England
• My best friend lives in Japan
• My parents are crazy
• My wife is Jenn
• My biggest critic is my sister, and she's clever as hell
• I love music, but am kind of a music snob.
• I love wine and beer, but am kind of a snob
• My sister-in-law and her boyfriend live in Las Vegas
• I don't have kids, but have 2 dogs
• I'm a graphic designer
• I work for a game company
• I love toy soldiers
• I have a tattoo
• Some of my friends are gay
• I live in Memphis
• I have an art degree

The End

Let's begin...


Courtney said...

Where is the post "gay dad"? I can't find it!!!!

Bobby said...

it's under "Radiation ruling the Nation."

H said...

When you mean tattoo I hope you're referring to the Transformers one that washed off years ago.

markian said...

Wait, your tattoo washed off? I'd go get that checked out. I didn't think they were supposed to do that...