Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Horror...

i'm a bit backed up on all the photos i owe you. the costume party, the hillbilly tournament, and tomorrow night's open-mic performance. bear with me.

anyways, i'm thinking of throwing a party in the same warehouse space as the party, and i'd need to get ahold of their media projector. it's a great space and all we need is a theme. so begins the first poll of this blog: what kind of party would you like to attend?
• german expressionist film party?
• alternative post-modern UK rock party?
• marshmallow peep party?

give feedback now.


Anonymous said...

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strength9tyrant said...

A marshmellow peep party? You should try to pull that off. It would be a grand accoplishment. Please post the pictures of it too. I'm sure there are many Kodak moments at a peep party.

S. Earnhart said...

I think I would prefer the german expressionist film pary. What would you show? Attire?