Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Upcoming Blogbook...

I came up with an idea this morning, and I'm sure it's been done somewhere, but I'm doing it anyways. Coming soon will be the first installment of an ongoing soap opera/ web comic/ blog story type thing. It will cover several "posts" and will be a way of writing/illustrating some short stories I want to create, using a newly-created blog (linked to this one). It will feature entirely original art and will be called "White guy/Black shirt." I know what you're thinking, but despite the obvious reference to me, this will not be autobiographical. The story will be told using a combination of 'devices' such as the author's diary/sketchbook and postcards he's written and received from others. There may also be an interactive element that allows the audience (you) to affect the storyline. Here's a brief outline of the chapters:

White guy/black shirt
• Forlorn and 7 years to go
• How to date a Jazz Singer
• The house of 9's
(working titles right now)

News and updates as to this project and its launch can be found right here.
As always, feedback is great.


Stacy said...

that's you alright, always coming up with these ideas... weird and crazy kind of things. i don't really know what words to use. we'll see if it's any good....

Amy said...

sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to view/read it!