Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lomo arigato...

This photo was taken from friend-of-a-friend, Meryl, who is a fellow Akronite. The weapon of choice is a Lomo camera, something I've wanted for a while but keep forgetting about. It's time I got a new hobby, and this might just be it. Aside from the wonky effects it has based on its design, I really love the history of the camera itself. Go read it somewhere. (Sexy note: I do have a Photoshop action that will put a Lomo effect on any image of my choosing. While this is awesome, it excludes the experience of really taking the photo the way it was meant to be taken. Cool plug-in, though).

Thanks to S for the new Interpol (a proper thank you call is pending, I promise) and to D and B for one of the best dinners ever. It really was a good birthday, as Jenn put into perspective for me yesterday. I was also told that birthdays should be a week-long celebration, and if that's the case, mine would end on a great note this friday, when I get to go scootering with the girls!


H said...

What the heck does "wonky" mean?!

S said...

The first track is my favorite. I forgot to mention that on the package. Anxious to hear your thoughts.