Thursday, January 25, 2007

Monkeys ate my buick...

Jeez, will you guys shut the hell up already?! Thank you for pointing out the old email address, I've now changed it. Good to know that the e-community will rally together to give me shit.

Anyways, this weekend's activities include: drinking scotch, putting on some "old sad bastard music" and lamenting intangibles like "there is no true form of jazz anymore" or "there are no good pubs/caf├Ęs in Memphis" or "I wish I could still hang out with the young and cool kids" or "please let a meteor strike obliterate city hall."

I'm starting to miss the city of Nottingham and the folks I met there, but I don't think a transition to the UK would come easily to me, so I put it out of my mind when I can.

I've seen so many re-runs of "Sex and the City" this week, and I feel an odd paradox: I'm glad to be sharing in the misery of those characters. Thank you for making your problems mine.

I've also found a way to completely shut out the unimportant things in life. If I don't want to worry about the bigger picture of this country, or the fate of humanity, or if my grandkids will have to pay taxes on their health insurance or have to grow up in nuclear fallout, I just change the channel. Instead of watching Bush's state of the union, I'll watch Futurama. Instead of reading the newspaper, I'll paint toy soldiers (so that ultimately, I can send wave after wave of them to their own deaths). This is called "deflection." Or maybe "denial."

Over the next few months, my business will send me:
• back to Canada
• to Las Vegas (twice)
• to the darkest parts of my soul



H said...

You have to actually have kids first to eventually get grandkids. I'm winning.

JCS said...

Throw out your TV, have some kids, and enjoy them! And get a good flashlight.

Courtney said...

We have a Japan blog now. Mark is supposed to tell people, but he can't ever remember the address when he goes to do it so....
Hope everything is well in Memphis! :-)

Courtney said...

Thank you for giving me my only comment. :-D It's weird, people will e-mail me comments, myspace message me comments or facebook message me comments, but no one will comment on the page!!! I don't get it!