Monday, August 07, 2006

Top 5 things I thought of while eating a melon...

We had brunch with D&B this past weekend, which like everything else that they do, was high-class. They are still the bests hosts in Memphis, and have treated us like family. Anyhoo, my job was to cut up the cantalope, and upon eating some I thought:

5. Remember that time at T&J's house when we cut open a watermelon, filled it with assorted fruit and poured in a bottle of rum? That was great.

4. Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

3. The Tom Waits concert was fantastic, but difficult to describe. The crowd was very eclectic. They all had tattoos.

2. This weekend, I really enjoyed living in Memphis. But our air conditioning broke, and I cursed this city into the ground.

1. The consistency of melon is not unlike that of a HUMAN HEAD!!!!


JS said...

Your number one thought while eating a melon reminded me of the number one oddest thing someone said to me in New York City: "You can find anything in the city...anything...even a human head...if you know where to look." My reply: "Ohhh."

Deceiver said...

hey, where have you been?!

Colin Morris said...

#1's perfect. With regards to #2 - that happened to me this summer. Sure, Chicago's no Memphis, but it gets pretty hot and extremely humid. So we all pay our dues I guess.

js said...

Same place...VA