Thursday, October 20, 2005

Camera Obscura

hey it's me again, just wanted to let you know that S's illustration show/series "Grande Drama" will be at the Bistro on thurday november 10th. on a roughly similar note, people have requested (i know, i know...) that i put more of my original artwork on this site. people, i'm a graphic designer. unless you want to see ads for rebuilding engines, a device to cure osteoporosis, or a poster depicting daemons laying ruin to medieval city i don't have 'artwork' to show. and then i remembered something: i have a camera. SO, i dug out some of my amateur photos and even some digital stuff i had done over the years and will be posting it here. your comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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strength9tyrant said...

I like the eggs on the table picture. It's very mysterious, and raises many questions. Who put the eggs there, and are they hardboiled are just a few questions your picture provokes.

strength9tyrant said...

You should put some of your warhammer artwork on the website. I would enjoy seeing it.